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I am humbled by probably the best compliments a yoga teacher could receive and that is:

‘I felt better leaving than when I arrived’ and

‘the relaxation at the end makes even the (hard) floor feel soft’.

I have had the privilege of sharing a Yoga Retreat with Maggie. She is a lovely calm and warm person and so relaxed and patient. She is able to take you through any pose slowly and in such a way that you can understand the positive impact it has on your body, how to do it and to remember it for your home practice. Maggie also encourages confidence and self belief - I think she's amazing!!

Lynne Coggins

Thank you for the wonderful yoga sessions over last weekend. It certainly opened my eyes to approaching poses and also using props. The adjusting was invaluable as was your gentle calming voice. It was certainly easier getting into the postures having concentrated on the breathing. I would definitely book in for another 'maggie' retreat and will look forward to hearing when this might be. Thank you again for a wonderful weekend.

Marina Beilby

Thank you so much for all the time you kindly gave to me at the weekend. I left feeling very inspired and that has continued into the week.

Diane Eccles

I have just been looking at your website - you have worked very hard - it is amazing with lots of inspirational words - you are doing so well - congratulations!

Linda Darville

I arrived at the class with stiffness and tightness in my back and by the end of class it had all gone so I left feeling much better. The instruction and individual attention helps with achieving personal goals within our individual limitations.

Debbie Turner

As a consultant rheumatologist I believe yoga is a very effective complementary technique that helps to preserve joint movement and soft tissue flexibility. This is equally important both in healthy individuals and those with diseases affecting their muscles and joints. With her personal knowledge and skills Maggie is an ideal teacher helping students to understand the principles and practices of yoga either on a one to one basis or in her weekly classes.

Rod Hughes, St Peter’s Hospital

Since starting yoga I feel a different person; the gentle (but often challenging) stretching and breathing exercises have been especially beneficial to my health and well being, enabling me to concentrate on using those poses to strengthen and relieve. When I finish a class with Maggie I always feel taller, walk lighter and am more relax.

Lorna Walding