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About Maggie

I have reaped the benefits of practising yoga for 23 years which have helped me to regain and retain the fitness and flexibility I had previously. Over the years I developed an interest in the mechanics of yoga and how this could help people with musculoskeletal complications and in breathing techniques and how these can help people to better cope with their hectic life stresses. I believe yoga is for all and that although every pose starts off with an ideal form there is a myriad of adaptations to suit everyone including the absolute beginner; those who are less physically able; those who say they can’t do yoga because they are too stiff; those who feel they are too old to start.

For a long time I talked about formalizing my knowledge acquired during years of practice to enable me to teach. After several opportunities to lead practices and with the encouragement of friends I enrolled in the Sam Rao Yoga School. I have now been teaching Yoga for close to 9 years and hopefully passing on some of the knowledge and benefits I have personally experienced.

Over the years I have practised several styles of hatha yoga some governed by precision and others more by the flow of the poses all of which have contributed to my own style of teaching. All my classes will also include an element of breathing and relaxation techniques to improve wellbeing and help cope with life stress.